August in the Rear Mirror

I decided that, from now on, I will provide an overview at the end of each month of that months’ blog posts. This particular series I named “in the Rear Mirror”. For me this is an opportunity to have another look at what I put out, and for you to catch up if you missed one. August this year was the first time I celebrated my birthday in winter, also it was up to my birthday overseen by mercury retrograde, this is the time that is characterized by miscommunication. So let’s see, if I got the message across this month.

How To Tweak Your Environment To Live Longer and Healthier


In the first blog post of August, I take you through the fascinating results derived from studying the Blue Zones. I already introduced them extensively in an earlier blog post. These geographical areas are where the people get the oldest and are among the happiest in the world.

Most interestingly nobody tries to get old there. They just get old, because their environment provokes healthy behavior. I show how I integrate this knowledge into my daily life, and I provide tips and tricks to change your own environment. Among them are; hanging a bar, to hang on, in an obvious place in your house, getting off the bus one stop to early to walk more, and to use the bathroom farthest away from you at work. If you want more tricks, click here.

3 Ways To Know You Are Getting Sick, and 3 Ways To Counter Them


In this post I gave three examples of how you can figure out you are getting sick without consulting a healthcare professional. First, your resting heart rate, a deviation of more or less than 3 from the norm should inform you that something is going on under the hood. Then, being aware of your gut is another powerful tool to check your health. Weird gut feelings, feeling full without eating, or hungry after eating a lot might indicate that your immune system is busy fighting something. Last, I think it is important to be aware of what you did the previous days, weeks, and months perhaps. This might tell you a lot about your state of being today.

To prevent you from getting sick I argue that rest is the strongest medicine, also I give a recipe for my Kill-the-Cold-Cocktail, and how you should respond to the why and not the what of you getting sick.

Why It Is Good To Feel Bad


Inspired by reading Jordan Peterson’s book, 12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos I explore why I believe it is good to to feel bad.

The general perception is that feeling bad is something bad, where feeling good is something good.

This duality of things only exists as our perception of these feelings. All by themselves they are not good or bad. To feel bad is good because it allows you to learn form these experiences. Negative emotions pull you into the present and force you to deal with them.

When you run away their calling will only get stronger. It is necessary to feel bad to feel good, and labeling emotions as good or bad does not help this case. All of them are emotions, and all of them are equally valuable.


In this blog post that I published closely after celebrating my 27th birthday, I reflect on what I learned in all this time roaming the planet.

During this time I experienced a variety of cultures, and I lived and worked with wide ranging personalities that all left an impression on me.

The first lesson is that I laugh when I don’t understand. I elaborate on how psychological defense mechanisms are deeply wired into our system and occur, often not on purpose, in any given situation is stressful. Understanding this mechanism taught me about me, and helps me understand others.

Next up, Ilearn easily, but only under the right conditions. Without motivation there is no need for me to start. After doubling a couple of years in high-school, quitting a bachelor and partying a lot, I learned along the way what my learning style is. If you didn’t figure this out yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

Finally, I belief that bad people don’t exist. We are the accumulation of our past experiences, however, we are not these experiences themselves.

How Culture Alters Your Brain


In the final blog post of this month I dove into the implications culture has for the wiring of our brains.

It is paradoxical because culture is the creation of our collective brainpower. Or as Mahatma Gandhi said: “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”