November in the Rear Mirror

November, what a beautiful month this was. The first time in half a year that I didn’t post a blog two weeks in a row. I was on holiday and finally visited the North-East of Brazil. This region has been recommended to me non-stop over the previous one and a half years. There, temperatures allow for non-stop flip-flopping, shorts, and no shirt. Coconuts cheaper than water, fruits I had never heard of before, and cashew nuts as fresh as water after being dehydrated for days. This does mean however, that I only published two blogs this month. Underneath you will find the usual monthly recap of both of them.

Where Business, Buddhism, and Belly Come Together

In this blog post I aimed to find common features of three on the surface very distinct topics. I like to view at things from a perspective of cohesion and similarity. Because I believe that deep down all things are the same.

This also goes for Buddhism, business and your belly. All of them thrive on philosophies that the whole cannot function if its’ parts are not in optimal condition. In Buddhism it’s about aligning your thoughts and emotions with what you do, in business it’s about letting every single employee thrive so that the whole company thrives as a consequence. And when it comes to your belly it is about aligning what you do with your mouth to let your body profit as a consequence.

Why Do We Eat?

I did a spontaneous fast for 24 hours. I can’t remember when was the last time I didn’t eat anything for that long. This made me wonder about the role of food in our lives, and if it’s that necessary at all?

I realized that eating for most of us is more a habit, a form of behavior if you will, than it is necessity. There are even people that claim to eat so little they should be starving to death, while at the same time there are people that eat so much they are eating themselves to death. So really, why do we eat?